Ryan Farish



​Ryan Farish is an American Electronic Artist, Producer, DJ, and co-writer/co-publisher for a GRAMMY Award-Nominated Recording. Ryan Farish initially launched his music career on the first generation (2000). It was at this site that received more than 1.8 million downloads of his Electronic music, and then earned the title "Download King" from L.A. based music industry magazine, Music Connection. In 2007, he garnered a GMA Dove Award as a hit songwriter. Farish's music has been featured on major television networks, major motion picture houses, and even recently branded on one of the world’s most established and elegant brands, Audi in their Remarkable Audi series, a video series which Farish also stars in as well as a video with Bang & Olufsen featured in B+O stores worldwide. Companies such as Audi (North America), Bang & Olufsen (Denmark), Chevrolet (Israel), Rak Bank (Dubai), and Despicable Me 2 (NBC/Universal Pictures) have all used Farish’s trademark sound.

To date, there are over 60 million YouTube views which include more than 45,000+ fan contributed videos that feature his music as well as 24 million annual plays on streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

Credits/Awards/Notable Mentions

  • +60,000,000 million YouTube views.
  • +24,000,000 million annual streams on Pandora and Spotify.
  • 2007 co-writer/co-publisher for a GRAMMY Award-Nominated Recording.
  • #3 Billboard Chart Position, From the Sky.
  • #10 Billboard Chart Position Position, Beautiful.
  • 2006 Selected iTunes Discovery Download, "Living Water" from Ryan's album From the Sky.
  • Ryan Farish is part of the exclusive roster of artists proudly endorsed by Yamaha.