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Ryan Farish music licensing inquiries for Non-Commercial Use on YouTube and Commercial Licensing Inquiries.

Non-Commercial Use on YouTube:

You may use any of Ryan Farish's music in your videos on YouTube, as long as they are not for profit or any type of commercial use or benefit. To be clear, any type of video content used to advertise or promote products and services require a commercial music license (please see below regarding Commercial Use Licensing Inquiries). Be advised that Ryan Farish and Farish Music International (BMI) reserves the right to revoke your right to use any of Ryan Farish's music in your videos on YouTube if they contain content that is objectionable to us, or if we feel expresses views or opinions that we are not agreeable with. When your non-commercial video is published on YouTube, Content ID will find and match your video, and a small advertisement will be placed on the video. Also, Content ID will show a music credit below your video description to the song title featured in your video. If you would like to have your video or channel whitelisted so that Content ID will not wrap your videos with advertisements, please see below regarding Commercial Use Licensing Inquiries.

Commercial Use Licensing Inquiries:

  1. Contact
  2. Copy in the body of your email this complete Licensing Inquiry Form below to request rights to use Ryan Farish's music in your future productions (e.g. trailers, advertisements, broadcasts/livestreams). Gratis and Non Profit Use still requires approval and is granted on a case by case basis (ex. Student Film projects).
  3. Please fill out the below form completely. Please answer all fields honestly and double check for accuracy.

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