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Released 12-3-2013

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I am truly excited to share with you my new album, DESTINY. Over a year in the making, this has been the most creatively rewarding album yet.

I have always released all of the music I create, no matter which genre or direction musically I'm heading… like a living story, with each new song, I continue to share with you the music that simultaneously moves through me and keeps me moving artistically.

Each one is like the paper airplanes represented in the artwork for DESTINY… with each one, you give it your all, with love and careful attention to each note, and the smallest details, all in hopes that it will reach and connect us all. Hoping every time, each one will move you and carry you along your own journey. Let's take flight together.

I hope you will enjoy this album, and I hope that some or all of the songs in DESTINY will be the ones that make you feel as close to the music as I do. Many of the songs on DESTINY feature the beautiful vocals of Marié Digby, Jody Quine, Ilana, Natalie Orlie, and Tiff Lacey…plus a great set of remixes that I just absolutely loved.

- Ryan Farish